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“Securitization” and “Uploading” of Lithuania`s Energy Policy

Laufzeit: seit 10/2016

Project Description

The uninterrupted availability of energy sources is of critical importance for the functioning ofevery modern society. Against this backdrop, Lithuania’s attempts to reduce its vulnerabilities inenergy domain are investigated in this dissertation. The research focuses on the Lithuanian energypolicy in the EU and NATO. The main objective is to reveal the matrix of the Lithuanian-EU andLithuanian-NATO interactions in energy security domain and to evaluate the implications of theseinteractions on Lithuania`s energy sector, the EU`s energy policy and NATO`s energy security dimension.The theoretical perspectives of Europeanization and Securitization are expanded andcombined for the analysis of complex mutual interactions - download, upload, interload - amongLithuania, the EU and NATO in the time frame between 2004 and 2015. The added value of thisresearch project encompasses the expanded knowledge concerning agenda-setting processes in theEU and NATO, initiation, formulation and implementation of energy security policies of the EU andNATO, reform of Lithuania’s energy sector as well as small states’ behavior in international organizations.

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